Q-Journal is a service provided to facilitate community education in Indonesia (especially universities) to publish the results of his research to the international scientific community and facilitate their access to obtain references from local and international journals.
Q-Journal is a SaaS application that facilitates the customers (college) to manage and publish their research results and facilitate access to journals locally and internationally.
Global Publishing → Customer (the University) can publish academic content (paper, journals, research results) to the international journals platform. It is both a new business opportunity for the university if they want to sell the academic content. Global Discovery → Customers can find and download the academic content (paper, journals, research results) both locally and internationally.
Q-Journal is a web-based application that can be accessed through a variety of platforms through the Internet by using a web browser.
Service of Q-Journal can be accessed at the url http://qjournal.id.
Customers can access the Q-Journal subscribers while connected to the internet, one of them is using Telkom Speedy internet connection.
To be able to use the services of Q-Journal customers need to build a first access network, one of them by using Telkom Speedy. In addition to the network, customers also need to prepare for an admin charge of verifying the data campus students and faculty who will be registered in the Q-Journal services and verifying the validity of the paper/journal that will be uploaded.
Customers can contact customer service Telkom to report its connectivity disruption. .
To enjoy the benefits of the service of Q-Journal, you can contact the Account Manager TELKOM for your university .
Download QJournal user guide for campus or journal admin
User guide QJournal